99º VOODOO ROCK – Buzzsaw Join Cut 1 y mas cosicas

Buenas fieles al Voodoo

Programa dedicado a Chuck Berry, el Mojo Workin y la compilacion Buzzsaw Joint Diddy Wah Cut 1 y temas seleccionados por el Sr. Lobo para disfrute general.


Chuck Berry – Thirty Days


Spyder Turner – You’re Good Enough For Me


Ten Years After – I’Love to Change The World


Johnny & The Hurricanes – Rockin Goose


Ten Years After – I Want To Know


The Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising


The Vikings – I Need Your Lovin’


The Electras ‎– Dirty Ol’ Man


The Rondels – Satan’s Theme


Sam Lazar – Camp Meetin’


The Monsters – Acid Dreams


The Hot Jumpers – Hot Jumpers Beat


Les Jaguars – Guitare Jet


Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally


Los Iracundos – Mira Que Estoy Hirviendo


The Sonics – You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards


Bobby December And The Famous Renegades – Invasion


Canjoes Featuring Joe Louis Johnson – Dance The Boomerang


Gabriel And The Angels – Hey!


The Egyptians ‎– The Party Stomp


Dennis And The Menaces – Drumble


Bunker Hill – Red Riding Hood & The Wolf


Lloyd Nolan – Fun Fun


Johnny Acey – Please Don’t Go (Back To Baltimore)


Link Wray – Big City After Dark


Tommy Hunt – The Work Song


Dowliners Sect – Be A Sect Maniac


Babe Ruth – Theme From “For A Few Dollars More


Charles Sheffield ‎– It’s Your Voodoo Working


Small Faces – What’Cha Gonna Do About It


The Premiers – Farmer John


Mark Wynter – Heaven’s Plan


The Precisions – if This Is Love


The Kinks – Misty Water


The Tomangoe’s ‎– I Really Love You


Bunny Sigler – Let The Good Times Roll & Feel So Good


Freddie Starr And The Midnighters ‎– Peter Gunn Locomotion


Yvonne Baker – You Didn`t Say a Word


Mel Dorsey-Little Lil


Rory Gallagher – Sinner Boy