94º VOODOO ROCK – Tenemos una fiesta montada

Buenas gente del Voodoo…

Hemos montado el señor Oscar Salmeron y el Sr. Lobo un fiesta y queremos que acudais….habra disfraces, ponche, canapes y picoteo salado.

Dejarnos a los platos y vosotros haced lo mas importante……..Bailar

Sr. Oscar Salmero & Sr. Lobo



Aretha Franklin – Rough lover

Al Gardner – Sweet Baby

The Astro-Notes ‎– Monkey Workout

Los Cheyenes – Bla Bla Bla

Big Bo And The Arrows* ‎– Big Bo’s-Twist

The Changin’ Times – How Is The Air Up There

Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson ‎– A Dancin’ Whippersnapper

The Rare Breed – Beg, borrow and steal

Bobby Miller – Uncle Willie time

American Breed – Bend Me Shape Me

Buddy Guy ‎– Crazy Love

Barbara Lynn – one man woman

Carl “Little Rev” Lattimore ‎– Carl’s Dance Party

The Blendells – Huggie Bunnies

Classie Ballou – Classie’s Whip

Kurtis Scott – No, No Baby

Curtis Knight & The Squires ‎– Hornet’s Nest

betty everett – i’ve got a claim on you

Dicky Treadway And The Salados – one to ten

Dave Clark Five – Maze of love

Famous George Last Night

Los Nivram – Sombras

Gwen Owens ‎– I Lost A Good Thing

Danny Warner – GO ‘WAY LITTLE GIRL

Howie Casey And The Seniors ‎– Twist At The Top

Golden Toadstools – Silly Savage

Joe Mayfield ‎– I’m On The Move

Lena Rios – Eu sou eu, nicurí É o diabo

June Bateman With Noble Watts And His Band ‎– Possum Belly Overalls

Banana – El Club De Los Vampiros

The Knight Bros. ‎– Love (Can’t You Hear Me)

Ricky Gomez – Mais Quoi, Oui Quoi, Pourquoi

L. Anderson And The Tarnadoes ‎– Neck Bones & Hot Sauce

Silvertons – Por Ti Estoy Sufriendo

Los Dinamitas Del Twist – Oye Lo Que Te Digo

Linda Griner – Goodbye Cruel World

Marvulus Mickey – Do The Robot

Sir Latimore Brown – Shake And Vibrate

The Light Nites ‎– One, Two, Boogaloo

Los Canarios – Peppermint frappe

The Poor Boys ‎– I’m Gonna Spend My Money