93º VOODOO ROCK – Amamos la lluvia

Buenas fieles adeptos y adeptas al Voodoo….

Llueve y nos gusta, por que sera?

Nos gusta que esteis en casa escuchandonos y que baileis…..en casa, en el coche, corriendo, da igual donde sea….

Sesion levanta-almas a base de muchas instrumentales, mucho garage pero sin dejar de lado, surf, r&b y como no soul….


Oscar Salmeron y German Rubio (Sr. Lobo)



OS CURUMINS – Tema dos Curumins

Ola & The Janglers – California Sun

Willie Cobbs

Julien Covey & Machines – A little bit hurt (phillips)

H. b. Barnum – Tia juana

Willie Cobbs – You Don’t Love Me

Los Freddy’s – Me tienes a mi (You really got me, Mexico)

Garry and Larry – Garlic bread

The Early Rationals – I Need You

The Groundhogs ‎– Shake It

Los Nivram – Un Amor Sin Igual

Pete Willis & 4 Royals-What’s Your Point Of View

Bobby Cook & The Explosions – Sister Lou

The Pharos ‎– Pintor

Jo Armstead – I Feel An Urge Coming On

Nellie Rutherford – Laughing At Me

Miki Dallon – gonna find me a cave

JAN DAVIS – Fugitive

Delia Gartrell – fight fire. with fire

Billy Eldridge – Let´s Go Baby

Meep Meep & The Road Runners – Justine

Rodney & The Blazers – Summertime Rock

Los Salvajes – Al Capone

Los Brincos – Passport

Hollywood Saxons – L.A. Lover

The Answers ‎– It’s Just A Fear

Lou Rawls – Red Top

Rodger Collins She’s Looking Good

The Kings Ransom – Shame

The Kingsmen – One Foolish Mistake

The Other Half – Mr. Pharmacist

Kingsmen ‎– Little Latin Lupe Lu

The Throb – One Thing To Do

The Wailers ‎– Partytime U.S.A

Eddie Holland – I’m On The Outside Looking In

The Volcanos – Oh Oh Mojo

Albert Williams – I’m in your corner

Ray Merrell—Tears of joy

Tony And The Vizitors – Saturday’s Son

Gate Wesley & Band – Do the Thing

Scat Man Crothers – golly zonk (it’s scat man)

Gene McKown ‎– Ghost Memories

Jocelyne – La La La La La

Roy Orbison – A Cat Called Domino