89º VOODOO ROCK – Cuesta de Enero

Buenas fieles amantes del Voodoo

Otra sesion mas. Seleccion variada de temas para sobrellevar mejor una cuesta de enero que pronto se hara muy larga….

No desespereis por que desde Voodoo Rock os la haremos menos pesada y mas liviana con musica directa al corazon.

Sr. Lobo & Oscar Salmeron




Baby Jean – If You Wanna

Johnny Talbolt & His Band- Do The Broken Hip

Bobby Freeman – C’mon And Swim

Albert King – Had you told it like it was

Ernie Fields & His Orchestra – In The Mood

Arvee Allens – Fast Freight

Tony And The Bandits -I Can’t Lose

Billy Clark & The Maskman – Soul Party I Part

Mouse and the traps – Cryin’ Inside

Bobby Comstock – Let’s Stomp

The Pride And Joy – If You’re Ready

Bobby Marchan & The Clowns – You cant stop her

The Bob Seger System – East Side Story

Bruce Cloud – Lucky is my name

Jimmy Jones – Live And Let Live

Damal & Rasheed – Twistin in the tub

Merl Saunders – Soul Roach

Duane Eddy & Rebels – Ramrod

Merry Clayton – gimme shelter

Eccentrics – Weathermaster

The Gues Who – All Right

Frankie Davidson & The Sapphires – I can’t do the twist

Nobody’s Children – Don’tcha Feel Like Cryin’

Granger Hunt & The Believers – Motor Mouth

Henry Nelson – El amor es un bicho

Palito Ortega – Amanecer sin tí

49th Parallel – Now That I’m A Man

I.M. Joe – Is your name Joe?

Marsha Hunt – Hot Rod Poppa

King Charles & The Counts – Salt ‘n’ Pepper

The Cavaliers – Hold On To My Baby

Lulu Reed – Say Hey pretty baby

Underdogs – don’t pretend

The Contours – Whole lotta woman

Dave & The Diamonds – Think About Love

Sidney Barnes – I’m satisfied

Fenton Robinson – I Believes

Simtec Simmson & Willie Dixon ‎– Socking Soul Power

Lee Rogers – Your The Cream Of The Crop

Tony Avon & the Belairs ‎– Boom-Boom-Boom

Jerry Adriani – Se pensamento falasse

Little Richard – Get down with it