Buenas voodoonautas.

Estamos a mitades de Enero y hace un frío que pela.

Para combatirlo y a raíz de una conversación con mi amigo Mikel Arrosagaria sobre el Northern Soul, os hemos preparado una sesión altamente calorífica para que esparzáis polvos de talco y bailéis apasionadamente.

Temas que sonaron en los tantos guateques y salas de baile del Norte de Inglaterra a principios de los años 70s.


Sr. Lobo



  • Willie Mitchell – The Champion
  • Billy Butler – Right Track
  • The Tears – Good Luck My Love
  • The Younghearts – A Little Togetherness
  • Richard Brown – Sweet And Kind
  • Jerry Plunk – I Won’t Hurt You Anymore
  • James Fountain – Seven Day Lover
  • Eddie Floyd – Big Bird
  • Little Richard – Get Down With It
  • Gwen Owens – Just Say You’re Wanted (And Needed)
  • Timi Yuro – Hey Girl (Hey Boy)
  • Tami Lynn – I’m Gonna Run Away From You
  • Freddie Chavez – They’ll Never Know Why
  • Kenny Carter-You’d Better Get Hip Girl
  • Jackie Wilson – The Who Who Song
  • Don Varner – Tear Stained Face
  • The Monticellos – I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face
  • The Visitors – I’m In Danger
  • Duke Browner – Crying Over You
  • Baby Washington – That’s How Heart Aches Are Made
  • Adam’s Apples – Don’t Take It Out On This World
  • The Salvadors – Stick By Me, Baby
  • Barry White – All In The Run Of A Day
  • The Showmen – The Wrong Girl
  • Rita & The Tiaras – Gone With The Wind Is My Love
  • The Temptations – Check Yourself
  • Roy Hamilton – Earthquake
  • Patrinell Staten – Little Love Affair
  • Fats Domino – It Keeps Rainin’
  • Wilson Pickett – My Heart Belongs To You
  • Darrow Fletcher – What Good Am I Without You
  • Betty O’Brien – She’ll Be Gone
  • LaBrenda Ben & The Beljeans – The Chaperone
  • Eddie Holman – I Surrender