129º VOODOO ROCK – Fiesta Glam

129º VOODOO ROCK – Fiesta Glam

Buenas voodoonautas.

Nos pintamos la cara, nos embadurnamos de brillantina, pelo bien cardado, pantalones campanolos y plataformas en los pies.

Si, vamos de Glam.

Fiesta Glam Rock de los 70s. Bandas inglesas, alemanas, danesas y alguna italiana sin olvidar a los franceses.

Sed Felices y bailad hasta no poder mas.


Sr. Lobo





Sharaton – Caught In The Act

Mabel – Hey, I Love You!

Tiger B Smith – Morning Bird

Nicky Bulldog – Chewingum Rock

House Of Lilly – Turn Around

Walkers – Fire

Sweet – Fox on the run

Black Fire – Do it

La Strana Societ – Vento Che Soffi

Lennart & Dagleth – You Can Make It Better

Blue Vamp – Jolly Dolly

Tears – Ohh Lah

Suzi Quatro ‎– 48 Crash

The Killer – Say Goodbye

Rocket Men – Rocket Man

Hector – Bye Bye Bad Days

Chris Hodge – Beautiful Love

Bubbles – This Is Where The Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Came In

May Grey & Flight 56 – Look Out For Love

Kenny – Julie Anne

Go Go Thunder – The Race

Neil Christian – She’s Got The Power

Hello – Love Stealer

Whistle – The Party Must Be Over

Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria – Waikiki Man

Toggle – Tiger Woman

The Quick-No No Girl

Jets – Yeah

Soho Jets – Hi-Heel Tarzan

Bilbo Baggins – Saturday Night

Slade – Gudbuy T’ Jane

Mighty ‘Em – Jekyll And Hyde

The Sweet – Blockbuster!

T. Rex – Children of the Revolution


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