128º VOODOO ROCK – Garage para combatir la gripe

128º VOODOO ROCK – Garage para combatir la gripe

Buenas Voodoonautas.

El Sr Lobo ha contraido la gripe y el medico le ha recetado que sude mucho y tome mucho liquido.

Asi que hemos preparado la receta perfecta para combatir este mal.

Garage norteamericano de mediado a finales de los años 60.

De una costa a otra, pasando por las grandes llanuras, los lagos y sitios extraños y recondidos de la America profunda

Disfrutad y vitaminizarse bien.

Sr. Lobo




  • The Hong Kongs – Surfin in the China Sea
  • The Exotics – Queen of Shadows
  • The 4 – 69
  • The Wee Four – Give me a Try
  • The Bats – How could you have known
  • The Trolls – Walkin’ Shoes
  • The Great Believers ‎– Comin’ Up Fast
  • 9th Street Market – I’m A Baby
  • Satans – Makin’ Deals
  • The Hangmen – Faces
  • The Nomads – Thoughts Of A Madman
  • The Human Expression – I Don’t Need Nobody
  • The Berkley Five – You’re Gonna Cry
  • The Swinging Machine – Do You Have To Ask
  • The Macabre – Be Forwarned
  • The Charles – Motorcycle
  • The Five Empressions – Little Miss Sad
  • Yesterday’s Children – To Be Or Not To Be
  • Denny Provisor – It Really Tears Me Up
  • The Londons – Old Man
  • The Kare Takers – Have You Seen My Baby
  • The Paragons – Abba
  • The Bay Ridge – I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Mind
  • The Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die
  • The Shades Of Night – Fluctuation
  • The Outside In – You Ain’t Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees
  • The Wailers – Out Of Our Tree
  • The Boss Tweads – Goin’ Away
  • The Merry Dragons – Universal Vagrant
  • The Third Bardo – Nothing To Lose But Your Mind
  • Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House
  • The “In”-Vaders* ‎– By The Sea
  • The Sloths – Makin’ Love
  • Thee Midniters – Jump Jive And Harmonize
  • Clock Work Orange – Your Golden Touch
  • We The People – My Brother The Man
  • Adrian Lloyd – Lorna


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