103º VOODOO ROCK – Crudo Garage 60s

Muy buenas voodoonautas.

Sesion de Garage de mitad y finales de los años 60, americanos todos, conocidos o desconocidos. Nos visita el sr Lobezno y para esta gran ocasion os deleitaremos con lo mas crudo del garage.


The Ghouls – Voo Doo Juice

The Humans – Warning

Warlords – ‘Real Fine Lady’

The Vestells – Won’t You Tell Me

The Illusions – City of People

The Jaguars – It’s Gonna Be Alright

The Few – Escape

THE TIKIS – Show You Love

The Keggs-To Find Out

The Jesters Of Newport – Stormy

The Henchmen – Livin’

The Tigermen – Close That Door

The Aztex – Little Street In My Town

The Hatfields ‎– The Kid From Cinncy

The Nobles – Something Else

The Centrees – She’s Good For Me

The Rising Tides – Take The World As It Comes

The Painted Ship – And She Said Yes

The Dominions – I Need Her

The Third Bardo ‎– I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time

We The People – When I arrive

We The People – My Brother The Man

The Quiet Jungle – Everything

The Chevelle V – Come Back Bird

The Human Expression – Love At Psychedelic Velocity

The Litter – Action Woman

The Woolies – Who Do You Love

Spontaneous Combustion – Freaky Girl

Park Avenue Playground – The Trip

The Blues Company – Experiment In Color

The Plague ‎– The Face Of Time

The Calico Wall – I`m a Living Sickness

Teddy and his Patches-Suzy Creamcheese

Larry & The Blue Notes ‎– In And Out

Larry & The Blue Notes – Night Of The Sadist

The Banshees – Project Blue

The Fallen Angels – Bad Woman

Kit and the Outlaws Don’t Tread on me

The Squires – Going All The Way

Aardvarks – I’m Higher Than I’m Down

The Satans – Makin’ Deals

The Primates – Knock On My Door.